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Adding an Extra Dimension to Your Schedules

Version 8.2 Released

Continuing our philosophy of continual development, Peter Milton Planning is pleased to announce the release of Version 8.2
This version now allows you to change the Chainage Direction Convention, by default it runs from low chainage on the left to high chainage on the right. If you prefer you can now have this reversed.
Along with the Time Direction Convention (top to bottom or bottom to top), the Chainage Direction is layout specific.
By default, TimeChainage calculates task durations precisely based on task length and production rate. This can mean a task finishes at any time during a working day and any successors would also then start the same day (assuming zero lag). Version 8.2 introduces some options to force either the task to be a full number of days in duration or forces successors to start the next working day. These options can be applied to existing projects as well as new ones.
The Schematic Form now has an additional method for adding new lines, shapes and text objects. An 'Add' button.
Minor bug fixes.